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Mudpro Consultants Limited

Independent Waste Management, Drill Fluid & Cuttings Containment Solids Control Specialists


A senior engineer will visit the contracted rig to audit/survey its suitability/capability and procedures for the environmentally sensitive operations of handling, processing and containment of all drilling fluid categories.

The engineer will conduct an in-depth assessment of the likely performance of the solids control equipment based on his expertise and experience operating processing systems.


– Reduced mud loss and relative costs through optimising both the solids control equipment performance and containment equipment.
– Reduced Hydrocarbon release/spillage possibility to the environment through regular effective rig policing and procedural performance review.
–¬†Improved safety, maintaining a spill/slick free rig from enhanced mud base fluid containment.


Mudpro Consultants Limited was founded in January 1998. Since this time we have specialised in solids control, mud handling, processing, containment and drill cuttings containment. We have successfully serviced the following operators: Nexen Petroleum UK, Total Oil Marine, Elf, Shell UK, BP, ConocoPhillips, Talisman Energy, ChevronTexaco, ADTI, Senergy, Taqa, Centrica etc.

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